Quick guide to working, studying, training and volunteering within the EU

Looking for work these days is a more challenging experience compared to the boom years of the Celtic Tiger. But did you know that as an EU citizen you have access to 4 million job vacancies and many other opportunities across the EU? So why limit yourself just to Ireland? If you’re considering taking the jump and looking for work or other opportunities in another EU country, here’s a handy list of websites.

How do I find out about…



What are my rights to work abroad in the EU – can I go anywhere?

What are my social security rights in each member state?
Here’s a list of every country and what you’re entitled to.

Can I transfer my dole from Ireland to another EU state?

Is there a jobs website that lists vacancies across the EU?

And of course, if you’ve any questions you can send them to info@talktoeu.ie

Be sure to check back soon because we’ll shortly be launching an interactive jobs map that will show you where you can take you’re skills abroad.