How the ECB works competition

Be it a text, a facebook post, or a twitter update, or maybe you’re a person of few, yet concise words, a lot of us like to pack as much information into as little space as we can these days.

So, let’s see if we can turn your skills of conciseness into explaining how the EU works. We’ve got two €25 iTunes (work in Ireland only) vouchers up for grabs for the two people who can best describe what the European Central Bank does in 140 characters or less. With all the bailout talk everyone should be experts by now.

You can post your answers in the comments below or on twitter using the hashtag #talktoeu

And the winners are…

@Chris_BG who entered via Twitter – “ECB prints your money, tackles inflation, sets the interest rate in the Eurozone and makes the Euro possible.”

Niamh Barron for her answer below.

Thank you all for entering.